Before Jesus left this earth, he made sure that his followers knew that they had a mission. They were to GO and tell the good news about Jesus to the people around them and to the rest of the world. In this series, we're going to learn more about this mission and how to share it with the people around you.


    October 16, 2022

    The world seems to be spinning out of control. Pandemics, wars, storms, arguments and crises are everywhere! God has the solution for the hurting people of the world, and he knows who will deliver it. It’s you.


  • PART 2: SENT

    October 23, 2022

    When Jesus launched his Church, there was only one plan for sharing his gospel with the world: people like you. This weekend we will consider the challenges of personal evangelism in a post-Christian culture as we see how Jesus prepared his first disciples to reach out to a pre-Christian world.


  • PART 3: LOVE

    October 30, 2022

    What impression does the average American have about Christianity? Did you know that Jesus said that Christians should be known for their love. In this message we are going to find out what that means and discover that it could be your best first step for sharing the Gospel with someone.



    November 6, 2022

    Everyone has a story. Everyone has past experiences that have influenced the way they think and the way they live. Listening to someone's story is not only a great way to show that you care, but it also reveals specific ways that Jesus changes everything. This weekend we're going to see how the Apostle Paul shared the Gospel in Athens, but before he shared, it was important for him to listen.


  • PART 5: LEAD

    November 13, 2022

    When you love people and are quick to listen, you gain more opportunities lead them to Jesus. But eventually, the good news of Jesus is something that must be verbally communicated. This weekend we will wrap up the Go series by looking at ways to communicate the best news this world will ever receive.