As soon as the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, we will continue to share timeless truth in a timely way through live streamed services. Here are two new volunteer positions to make that happen:

Live Stream Technicians. This team makes sure that the live stream feed is set up before the service and operating properly throughout the service.

Camera Operators. This team operates the cameras in a way that delivers an in-person experience to those who are watching online.

Based on skill level and experience, there are also more advanced positions available.

Please fill out this form if you're interested in helping.


When you serve people around you, you reflect God's love to them. When we come together as a church to serve people, we lead them to Jesus.

Find a meaningful and impactful way to serve by clicking here. You'll see four main areas of ministry where you can make a difference.


We have been supporting a gospel ministry in Thailand for many years. The Impact Thailand initiative creates sponsorship opportunities to give children in Thailand the financial and relational support they need. Learn more.


One of our core values is Outward Focus. The Community Impact initiative is all about partnering with local non-profits so we can leverage the resources of this church to increase the impact that we can make. Learn more.