Part 1: Not a Chance


The thing about the book of Esther is that God is strangely absent. He doesn't speak to anyone. He doesn't do any miracles. Nobody even mentions his name. Yet even though he isn't front & center like most other books of the Bible, Esther demonstrates how God is behind everything. He initiates plans to deliver people before they even know they need deliverance.

Part 2: the Grudge


Grudges are nasty things. The book of Esther records how one man's grudge led him to plan the extinction of an entire ethnicity. As we explore his life and learn what caused him to hold a grudge, you’ll discover why grudges are so common to this day... and why letting go of one is so hard.

Part 3: Dangerous Calling


We all want to make a difference. We all want to do something that matters. And yet when opportunity knocks, we naturally shrink back or find excuses. Esther struggled with a big decision when everything in her world was at stake. The way she handled it shows how God might be preparing you for your next big opportunity.

Part 4: Cheering Section


There's something in us that longs for the applause of others. Sometimes this longing can become all-consuming. It has the potential to affect our view of life and our impression of others. In part 4 of Esther you'll discover why this is a part of you and what to do about it.

Part 5: Roll Call


A roll call call reveals which students are present and which are absent. Have you ever wanted to do a roll call with God? God has promised to be present all the time, but sometimes it seems as if he is absent. This tension over God's presence is nothing new. The good news is that God's silence doesn't mean he is absent.

Part 6: Continue the Celebration


While everyone loves a good celebration, there can be times in life when the call to celebrate is silenced - times when it seems like everything is going wrong and God is nowhere to be found. The ability to celebrate is absolutely essential, and the conclusion to the book of Esther reveals how every person has a reason to continue the celebration.