Your thoughts are powerful. They have the ability to direct your feelings and actions. But if your thoughts are wrong, you may be filled with fear, worry, and hopelessness for no good reason. In this series you will find four truths about God that have the power to change your thoughts and your life.

Part 1: A Powerful Presence

It is so easy to feel that sense of being overwhelmed when your realize how much is out of your control. In this message you'll discover how you can have peace no matter what enemy stands in front of you.


Part 2: Minding the Gap

If you have traveled by subway, you may have seen a warning sign that reads "mind the gap." When you are unaware of gaps that exist, it may lead to frustration or even danger. The same is true of God. This message explores the gap between you & God. When you mind that gap you will keep your relationship with God in the proper perspective.


Part 3: Love in the Balance

If you are familiar with all Jesus did, you would quickly agree that God loves the world. So why is it that there can be moments or seasons of life when we do not feel or act like he loves us individually? When you think of God's love correctly, you'll be much less likely to feel like it's missing.


Part 4: Wrong Way

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Whether it's life or in the car, nobody prefers going the wrong way. Is your life headed in the right direction? A lesson from the life of Jonah reveals how to avoid heading the the wrong direction... and what to do if you find yourself going there.



Part 5: I Got This

You can laugh about a time in your life when you convinced yourself, "I got this," but in reality you didn't. Unfortunately this kind of over-confidence can have tragic consequences - from addictions to broken relationships. This message explores the spiritual root of this issue while addressing the roadblocks that prevent us from asking, "What am I thinking?"