God’s plan was for the message of Jesus to be shared “to the ends of the earth.” This is a series where we’re going to see how He used a man named Paul to help carry out that plan. We’re also going to discover some things about our role in God’s plan today.

  • Part 1 | Transformation

    June 30, 2024

    Sometimes God decides to carry out his plans through the unlikeliest of people. That was certainly the case as the gospel message begins to be shared to the ends of the earth. As we read about Paul's transformation, we will discover that gospel still transforms lives today.


  • Part 2 | Unstoppable Force

    July 7, 2024

    There will be times in life when you will be opposed for doing the right thing. This weekend we will see how the first followers of Jesus met extreme opposition when they tried to spread the good news of his death and resurrection. The same unstoppable force that enabled them to reach the ends of the earth continues to guide and direct us today.


  • Part 3 | Track Record

    July 14, 2024

    As the message of Jesus went out to the ends of the earth, it was not always received well. In fact, the earliest missionaries were physically threatened and forced to leave. This weekend we will see what made the good news so offensive: it only leaves room for one hero, and that hero is not you.


  • Part 4 | Mixed Reaction

    July 21, 2024

    Do you enjoy having someone in authority over you? Even with the best leaders or bosses, there is something in us that, at times, is resistant. God is the ultimate authority in our lives. And even with God, we may find ourselves occasionally resistant to his direction and truth. This weekend we're going to explore that reality, discover some reasons for it, and ultimately grow to appreciate and enjoy the truth that God's in charge.