One Christmas Series

Sometimes it only takes one day or one event to change a person's life forever. Just one Christmas over 2,000 years ago changed the world forever. In this series you'll gain perspective about yourself and about Jesus as you look at four people whose lives were changed from that one Christmas.

Part 1: Behind the Scenes

Zechariah and Elizabeth were doing everything right, yet they endured the disappointment of not being able to have a child of their own. One day that changed when a visit from an angel showed that though God had been silent, he was far from absent.

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Part 2: Scripted

We all have an idea of how we'd like our lives to go. We all have some sort of script written out in our minds. But what happens when the events of life don't follow our script? What should you do? How do you get through?

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Part 3: I'll Take It

Indecision can stress you out at the restaurant, but there are other decisions in life that can carry a lot more weight. What do you do when you know the desired outcome but you cannot discern the way to get there? One Christmas provided clarity around the choices that matter the most.

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Part 4: The Truth about Christmas

The "ONE Christmas" series concluded with a Christmas Eve service. In this final message of the series you'll discover how all it took was one Christmas to establish peace for your future and joy in your present.

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