Part 1: Dawn of Hope

April 28, 2019

After he was raised from the dead, Jesus appeared to various people in various circumstances to give them all the same thing: HOPE. But what if the hope you've been holding onto has actually been getting in the way of the hope Jesus wants for you?


Part 2: Breakfast on the Beach

May 5, 2019

Some pivotal moments in life have effects that last for years. But most of life is just a collection of regular days and ordinary moments that we experience through the years. An unlikely breakfast on the beach shows you how Jesus brings hope to every moment and circumstance of life...even the ordinary ones.


Part 3: Mobilized

May 19, 2019

What you hope for could always be more certain, but at some point you have to move towards whatever it is you are hoping for. What about the hope that God gives you? When eleven men were hesitant about what to do with their hope in Jesus, he mobilized them to go farther than they ever thought they could go. Jesus continues to empower people just like you to make hope go mobile.


Part 4: Left Behind

May 26, 2019

Have you ever had to enter a new season of life you weren't looking forward to? Jesus prepared his closest friends for a season just like that.


Part 5: Eyes to See

June 2, 2019

Jesus didn't just give a hope that is for real. He gave a hope that is for you, and that means a lifetime of transformation. But when it comes to the story of how hope has shaped your life, the story begins more with what you see than what you say.


Part 6: A Glorious Return

June 9, 2019

Predictions and threats about the end of the world have always gotten people's attention. But while all the talk is about when it might happen or how it might happen, this message hones in on a much more important question to ask.