Greater series

While Easter is the celebration that you have a greater life waiting for you, there are other ways that Easter impacts your life right now. In this series you will discover specific things in your life that are Greater because Jesus is alive.

Part 1: Greater Identity

What you do is largely affected by how you view yourself. For those who follow Jesus, you are not you who used to be; you are not who others choose you to be; you are who God made you to be. Because Jesus is alive you have a greater identity that gives way to hope and fulfillment in every season of life.


Part 2: Multiplied Impact

When followers of Jesus were compared to the "hands and feet of Jesus," that picture was not so much a call to action as it was a call to unity. Since Jesus is alive, the impact of his body is greater than a sum of all its parts. He initiates a multiplied impact.


PART 3: Greater Tomorrow

How you live today is shaped by how you foresee tomorrow. The problem is that we can only see trouble on the horizon. Faith in the One who lives will open your eyes to a certain confidence in tomorrow and a divine purpose for today


Part 4: Greater Friendships

Arguably more than any other factor, your friends will shape the quality and direction of your life. Since Jesus is alive, he is not only the friend that everyone needs, but he is the friend that can make you greater at friendships.


Part 5: Greater Conviction

It is natural to view faith as a house made of cards. If one part of your faith is subjected to doubt, the whole thing can easily fall. But what if faith was never intended to be something delicate that easily falls? In this series-closer you'll discover a different way to view faith that leads to greater conviction.