Part 1: Through the Valley

December 2, 2018

Sometimes in life you will have to go through extended hardships or struggles. In those times you might wonder where God is or what he is doing. This message uncovers what God often does when he is with you in the valley.


Part 2: In the Wilderness

December 9, 2018

Some of the toughest seasons of life are when you just have to sit and wait. In seasons of waiting you crave direction and progress but cannot find it. In seasons of waiting you can feel forgotten and alone. But if it’s true that God is with you, waiting is never a waste of time.


Part 3: On the Mountain

December 16, 2018

You might doubt God's presence when life isn't going that great. But what if you have been forgetting about God's presence when things are going fine?


Part 4: In the STorm

December 23, 2018

Sometimes things get really bad really fast. Why does God allow those things to happen? Where is he when the storm hits? As much as he wants you to know that he's present with you in the storm, Jesus demonstrated the importance of God's presence before the storm too.


Part 5: In the Fog

December 30, 2018

Sometimes it might feel like you’re in the fog when it comes to understanding what God’s will is for you and how to navigate through life accordingly. A lesson from David before he became king provides insight into how you can keep taking steps even when you're in the fog.