This world is not going to last forever. How should we feel about that? Many are filled with fear and anxiety. This is a series where we’re going to discover what God has to say about the End of the World. He takes away the fear by helping us be prepared.

  • Part 1 | What we know

    April 7, 2024

    There are some compelling arguments that the end times prophesies contained in the Bible are being fulfilled right before our eyes. Do you know what to look for? Do you know what will happen? As we begin our series on the End of the World, we will see how Jesus taught everything that we need to know.


  • Part 2 | Judgment Day

    April 14, 2024

    Jesus frequently spoke about a final judgment where every person will either go to heaven or hell. But how can a just and loving God punish people eternally for what they did over the course of their life? This weekend we will consider this and other questions as we look at how Jesus prepared people for Judgment Day.


  • Part 3 | What's Next

    April 21, 2024

    The world as we know it will someday come to an end. But...the end will not be the end. There will be a new heaven and a new earth that believers can look forward to. What will it be like? What do we know about eternity in heaven? What don't we know? This weekend we will be tackling some of those things as we close out this series about the end of the world.

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