Part 1: Looking Around

September 8, 2019

Happiness is something that we all want and desire. We pursue it. We search for it. Very few can find it and keep it. This is a series that's going to encourage you to get out of the hamster wheel. You see, happiness is possible. But maybe what you've been running after was never intended to bring what you've been looking for.


Part 2: Moving Past Your Past

September 15, 2019

You will never find peace in the present until you are able to address the guilt from your past. Maybe today is the day you will stop dragging around the guilt that Jesus has already taken away.


Part 3: People-Pleaser

September 22, 2019

It can make you happy when people approve of you, but living for other people's approval will make you anything but happy. There is an alternative to people-pleasing that will let you experience a peace and happiness that maybe you've never felt before.


Part 4: The Myth of More

September 29, 2019

Many of us live as if happiness has always been just beyond our grasp. All we need is more money, more stuff, more room, more financial margin. In this message you'll see why the myth of "more" is actually preventing you from being happy.


Part 5: The Easy Life

October 6, 2019

"I will be happy when... "  How you finish that sentence does more than reveal your hopes and dreams. It reveals an area in your life where you've given up on finding joy or peace, at least for the foreseeable future. The God of all comfort wants to change that.