Part 1: Fear | less

March 15, 2020

If it is true that you can have peace regardless of your circumstances, why can fear so easily dominate your thinking? What Jesus said to his disciples the night before his death will show you the key to fearing less.


Part 2: Purpose in Crisis

March 22, 2020


It’s only a matter of time until a crisis hits. Most often it’s a small crisis that only affects a few people, but sometimes a crisis can spread across the entire world. Before Jesus went to his death, he warned his closest followers about a very specific crisis that they would soon be facing. His conversation with them will help you see how the greater a crisis is, the greater a purpose it can serve.

Part 3: Never Alone

March 29, 2020

Even in a season of isolation, Jesus explains what it means that you are never alone.


Part 4: Joy | Full

April 5, 2020

If joy was something you could measure, what level would yours be at right now? Maybe for you, the pursuit of joy has felt like an endless and fruitless leapfrog from one thing to the next thing. Jesus wants to change that. His prayer for you was a life filled with joy.