Be Bold Series

In some seasons of life, you might feel like you're grasping for peace, purpose, or perspective. The "Be Bold" series looks at how a person named Peter didn't just survive in a tough season of life. God enabled him, as he can enable you, to navigate it boldly.

Part 1: Stick the Landing

April 19, 2020

What should you do when it feels like your life is stuck in an indefinite holding pattern? While it is good to be comforted, it is also good to be bold. A look at the life of the apostle Peter reveals how to navigate life when everything feels stuck.


Part 2: Bold WItness

April 26, 2020

Your life has been given tremendous purpose and amazing opportunity. Sometimes you just have to Be Bold.


Part 3: Bold Prayer

May 3, 2020

Whether you pray regularly or hardly ever, there is a kind of bold prayer that God loves to hear. What would happen if you prayed it every day this week?


Part 4: Bold Love

May 10, 2020

To some degree, we all tend to judge people by outward appearances. Unfortunately, this often leads to putting people into categories and leads away from really knowing them. In this message you'll see Peter learn an important lesson about people - a lesson that may provide a new way for you to view the people around you.