Value 1: Jesus-Centered

Jesus is at the heart and core of everything we do. It's only in him that we have real peace, hope, and purpose. It's with him that we can be fearless and confident in our lives and as a church. We are a church that leads people to Jesus.

Value 2: Biblical Authority

The Bible is God’s truth without error. It is the means by which we grow and are strengthened in faith. Through it, the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin and reveals God’s grace. Regular time in the Bible will strengthen a person's faith in God and a greater understanding of their purpose in this world.

Value 3: Spiritual Growth

While there are highs and lows in everyone’s faith life, we should be regularly growing in our faith and relationship with Jesus. A growing faith life begins with a deepening understanding of Jesus’ love and shows itself in words and actions that are consistent with God’s direction.

Value 4: Authentic Christian Community

Christians are blessed when they do life with other Christians. Authentic Christian community provides spiritual encouragement, accountability and care. This happens when Christians are regularly gathering together in small groups and serving together.

Value 5: Relevant

God’s truth is timeless. Our practices should be timely. We seek to use forms, ministries, and practices that apply to the people, expectations, and audience of today.

Value 6: Outward Focus

We are committed to reaching people that other churches are not reaching. We are more concerned about the salvation of those who don’t believe, than satisfying our personal preferences. And so, like Jesus, we put the needs of the lost before our own.

Value 7: Generosity

Jesus sacrificed everything to give us everything. In response, we love to give back to God. We honor Jesus and love other people when we generously and cheerfully give of our abilities, time, and resources.