Part 1: THe Land of Er

October 24, 2018

Everyone asks themselves the same basic questions throughout life: "Who am I?" and "Do I matter?" The natural way to answer those questions is to compare yourself to the people around you. But as you'll see in this lesson, there is no win when you play the comparison game.

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Part 2: Looking Around

November 14, 2018

Who is the one person you'd love to hear say, "you're awesome?" We all have a tendency to look toward other people when we want to know if we're okay. It's human nature to look for approval, but what if we've been looking in the wrong place? God has something to say about how we measure up. His opinion of us may provide something we haven't yet found comparing ourselves to others.

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Part 3: It's in the bag

November 28, 2018

Comparing what you have with what other people have will not only disappoint you. It will paralyze you. In one of his parables, Jesus highlighted the impact of doing something with whatever he s given you.

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